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University application form

Fontana High School has its first year of CalPREP SENIORS (the Juniors from the program in 2014-2015) and our goal this school year was to enhance the program by continuing to support those students throughout their Senior year. In the first three months of 12th grade, students are inundated with application deadlines, SAT/ACT testing, college visits, financial aid, sports/extracurricular activities, etc.

It was important for me, as the new CalPREP fellow, to bridge the gap between their junior year and senior year, which is essentially when students need to apply the curriculum they learned in CalPREP during 11th grade. I met with the majority of the Seniors to introduce myself and share some of our program goals and they were all so excited to hear the program was back and that we were going to continue supporting them over those crucial months. I had them complete a “Senior Survey” and every one said they would recommend the program to Juniors.

Several students said they didn’t know ANYTHING about how to get into college before CalPREP and now they are much more prepared to apply for college after participating in the program. I received a lot of great feedback about the program and I am excited to work with the Seniors this year before we start mentoring our new cohort of Juniors.

Shontay Brown, CalPREP Fellow at Fontana High School


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