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It is without a doubt difficult to pick one time that tutoring has been rewarding. Almost everyday with each bit of growth you see in your students you feel a sense of accomplishment for your student and yourself. I think the overall comprehensive change I’ve seen since day one in every single one of my students has been the most rewarding thing of my life.

My third grade tutee, Michelle, has been a great example of this. Michelle began with me reading at a first grade level with little to no writing and grammar skills. Her reading has improved tremendously and she is now nearing grade level expectations. She can read short chapter books not to mention use basic comprehension skills with her reading. Michelle’s knowledge of the English language has seen incredible growth as well. When presented with grammar challenges she is able to identify nouns, verbs, direct objects, indirect objects, parenthetical phrases, sentence types, etc.

Michelle has been such a blessing to have in tutoring everyday. Her quiet and unsure nature can be challenging at times, but I continually see her rise to the occasion. I have no doubt by the end of this year she will be reading at her grade level, if not higher than her grade level. I know her writing will continue to improve with time as well. Seeing Michelle as well as my other tutee’s skills grow has been such a blessing, and I will always remember this time of my life fondly.

by Julianna Curtin, AmeriCorps Tutoring Specialist at Meadow View Elementary

  1. March 21, 2012


    Serving these kids a solid! The foundation you are helping these young folks to build will serve them a lifetime, thank you for your commitment.

    Yasein Bey