Growth Mindset Activity Ideas


    Online Resources

    Growth Mindset Prezi

    A great prezi by first year CalPREP Fellow, Nansie Rogers, that takes you through the basics of growth and fixed mindset, as well as delayed gratification.

    Fixed and Growth Mindset: Which One Are You?

    An article outlining the key differences between a fixed or growth mindset. Written by Michael Graham Richard, based on the work of Carol Dweck.

    The Marshmallow Test

    A 3:27 YouTube video demonstrating the marshmallow video – very cute, would need to provide some facilitation in order to further explain the point of the video and how it connects to delayed gratification, growth mindset and goal setting.

    Fixed vs. Growth Mindset in Children

    A 57 second YouTube video which plays the inner monologues of two students, one with a fixed mindset and one with a growth mindset. A great video for kids and it really demonstrates the point of not caring about how smart you look, but the need to focus more on learning.

    Five videos for teachers and students on the growth mindset and why it matters

    An overview of traits for fixed and growth mindset to refer to in various sessions, based on the work of Carol Dweck.

    Growth Mindset Kids

    1:55: A YouTube video about growth mindsets from a student’s perspective. The students explain a time when they had a growth mindset.