Building Connections Activity Ideas


    Activity Ideas

    • Coloring/ Drawing
    • Playdough
    • Legos (construction or freeplay)
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Additional Homework Help
    • Dance (they can even choreograph a dance together)
    • Playing guitar or other musical instruments
    • CalPREP Book Club
    • Science experiments

    Online Resources

    Computer Programming:

    You will need to register an account in order to save progress.

    Computer Programming: Code Academy

    You will need to register for an account.

    Computer Programming: Scratch (MIT)

    Kahn Academy

    A free online educational resource with a wide variety of STEM classes to choose from, many of which are appropriate for kids. Need to register an account.

    Playworks Game Guide

    You can search by age, equipment, group size, etc. for an activity.

    Creating a Wordle (word cloud)

    Use when creating individual lists of values, etc. Type in each individual list; words that are used more often will be made bigger.

    How to make lucky paper stars

    This is a resource to teach students how to fold a mini 3D shaped star. This can be used as take-a-break activity, getting to know each other for the mentor and mentee in the first few mentoring sessions, or simply as a prize for completing a certain amount of mentoring paper lessons.