Collective Impacts

 tutor smiling with student

The Collective Impacts project aims to remove barriers to learning for students through a holistic approach. As a team, AmeriCorps members will provide identified students academic tutoring services, 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching support that build skills for academic and social success in school and improve school climate.

Students will engage in literacy development, math and science activities, community-building, service learning projects, instruction on healthy eating habits and physical education. In addition, they receive mentoring services to support their skill development and help remove barriers to learning.

These services build on and expand learning in the school day, providing aligned instruction that is experiential and fun! The program consults regularly with school day teachers to ensure continuity of learning and maximum support for students.

Key components of the program are:

  1. Tutoring- small group tutoring for students in one of three areas: Literacy, STEM, or Healthy Behaviors.
  2. Mentoring- Focus on safe, healthy, and engaged students in the community through character education and opportunities for students to develop life skills through experiential service learning and mentoring.
  3. Greater community participation in the healthy development of its young people through engaging community volunteers and organizations in the enrichment of our students.