Bellevue Principal honors CalSERVES AmeriCorps Program

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I can’t imagine my school without the CalSERVESAmeriCorps staff here–it would be too quiet, too boring, almost lifeless! The mentors are all over the school, all day long–we call them all mentors because they are role models for all the students in the myriad of positions they fill: as tutors, as afterschool teachers, as volunteer coordinators, garden project leaders, p.e. champions, marquee sign creators, cheerleaders, promoters of reading, etc.

The mentors are ready to take on any task and do it with zest. We have murals on our school walls thanks to the mentors, murals about eating healthy, and about the resiliency skills taught to all students. Mentors went to the sixth grade outdoor ed program, and we needed them for supervision and kp!

We have the garden looking its best ever because of AmeriCorps. And 40 of our students have made great gains in the tutoring program, reading four times a week with their special tutor to raise their scores to grade level.

That’s what I see as a result of the positive energy CalSERVES AmeriCorps brings to Bellevue.

Beth Wilson
Bellevue Elementary Principal