Our Story

Kids Lying on Ground in Circle

CalSERVES, a program of Napa County Office of Education’s Community Programs, grew out of the belief that all children deserve to thrive academically, physically and emotionally.  Starting as a small tutoring program in 1998, we have grown to encompass both statewide and regional initiatives in the areas of after school tutoring and volunteer infrastructure development.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of California’s children, families and communities facing the complex challenges associated with poverty. Central to our work are the 250 AmeriCorps members who serve with us each year, giving wholeheartedly of themselves with passion, energy and skill.   2500 AmeriCorps members have served with us, many of whom continue their service through careers in teaching, social work and further volunteerism.

We believe in the power of ordinary people who want to make a difference, whether as AmeriCorps members or as one of the many volunteers who support our efforts with their time and enthusiasm each year.

CalSERVES provides opportunities for participants to discover passions, realize potential, and express power.  Passion, Potential, Power.  CalSERVES engages staff and AmeriCorps members in service opportunities to strengthen communities throughout California. CalSERVES provides specialized small group tutoring, implements after school programs, builds volunteer capacity in underserved communities, and develops future leaders.

Operating Principles

We value people. 

  • We treat each other with respect and are mindful of the importance of self-care.
  • We value humor and make time to have fun.
  • We work through conflict and maintain positive relationships.
  • We invest in personal and professional growth.

We are innovative.

  • We grow and adapt according to the needs of the community.
  • We value others’ contributions and embrace new ideas.
  • We take initiative to make things better through a solution-based approach, asking for help when needed.
  • We lead by example and hold each other accountable.

We communicate effectively.

  • We maintain open and frequent communication with peers and supervisors.
  • We respond promptly to communications regarding data and deadlines.
  • We communicate effectively around opportunities and change.

We work together to achieve common goals.

  • We have a sense of accomplishment from helping people contribute to the community.
  • We confront challenges and embrace opportunities.
  • We use data to inform our work and realize positive change.

Our Pillars

  • After School
  • Volunteer Development
  • Prevention
  • Health and Wellness

CalSERVES Brochure

Download and/or view the latest version of our program brochure.
2013 CalSERVES Program Brochure (pdf)